Know God

We exist as a church body so that people will come to know God. Knowing God means different things for different people. Some need to get to know God initially and others need to get to know Him more intimately. Our weekend worship experiences are built around this reality. You will encounter God through passionate worship and you will hear from God through biblical preaching! So whether you'd like to meet God for the first time or you simply desire to encounter Him in a new and fresh way, Open Door is the church for you!

Go Serve

If we're following the example of Jesus on mission, we'll be in the habit of serving others! Service to others takes place in two primary ways in the church. The first form of service is when we use the gifts God has given us individually to bless the church collectively. The second form of service is when we bless our community through good works for the purpose of sharing the gospel! Both of these forms of service are essential for a thriving Christian to be involved in! Service and outreach projects are facilitated through our small groups!

Grow Together

We believe the best way for Christians to grow is together in a small group! So many instructions given to the church assume community. Commands like, "love one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another," are only possible when Christians are doing life together throughout the week! If you want to grow deeper in your relationship with God and with others, small groups are where that will happen! Join one today!